Full Stack Developer (m/w/d)

Aktualisiert: Okt 16

English and/or German

Hamburg, Germany

Full-time, Permanent

We are looking for highly passionate, open minded and autonomous developers who love to build great products people love to use.

You will join an international team of awesome, skilled developers, burning to share their knowledge with you and to learn from you too! Pair programming is our passion and what we believe in.

Our cross functional teams allow you to build a deep problem and domain knowledge together with the people you need to build something extraordinary. You will collaborate with Developers, Product Managers, Product Designer, BI and other stakeholders. All together you will work in a highly agile environment, empowered to work autonomously with joy and fun.

Your role:

  • Participate in feature development and discovery

  • Challenge technical and product decisions

  • Produce quality and scalable code

  • Create and collaborate in a cross-functional team

We believe more in the right mindset beside of being an awesome developer. This includes:


  • Not afraid to reject/trash work if it does not bring value

  • Understands why doing things and challenges it each day

  • Being able to compromise between fast learn vs. perfect scalable solution

  • Likes to work in a discovery first approach

  • Likes to validate assumptions


  • Being a good communicator

  • Looking for new technical inspiration

  • Like to share new gained knowledge

  • You build it, you own it

Domain Driven Design

  • Have understanding coupling between services

  • Challenge Service Boundaries

If you can relate to at least in two points you are most probably a really good fit. We are excited to meet you!